Our Story

The team behind Collective Minds co

Lee is a passionate Naturopath who created Collective Minds co to innovate the way practitioners continue their education after graduation.


Having spent time working in health food stores and supplement wholesaling, Lee has acquired an invaluable skill sets such as understanding condition-specific supplements, therapeutic dosing, treatment protocols, and co-prescribing.

Lee created 'Supplement Education Webinars' as a way to expose her fellow nutritionists and naturopaths to the vital information that many practitioners miss out on.


Collective Minds co is only just getting started with innovative ways of connecting educators with practitioners. Watch this space...

"Empowering practitioners with the resources to help others"
- Guru Jagat 

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Meet The Team

Lee's passion for health was a staple part of her upbringing, where there was a focus on thriving over surviving. Today, naturopathy is not just a career, but an integral part of her lifestyle. Her naturopathic practice has recently moved to fully online, allowing her services to be accessible to the wider community. She has a keen interest in health conditions of the gut, female reproduction, and skin. When given the opportunity, Lee will transform and innovate ideas. She sees Collective Minds co as an opportunity for her to merge her love of health and innovation into a much-needed service.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported Collective Minds co. We are so excited to watch the community grow!
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